"Uzyskiwanie informacji i dokonywanie rezerwacji podróży"

Dodano: 10.01.2024 22:38:14


To zadanie polega na uzupełnieniu zdań odpowiednimi formami czasowników podanych w nawiasach. Czasowniki te to: arrive, board, book, get lub go. Niektóre z nich można użyć więcej niż raz. Oto rozwiązanie:

  1. We didn’t board the ship on time, so we had to wait an hour at the dock for the next one.
  2. All passengers must book a seat in advance. There will be no seat assignments while on board the train.
  3. Call me when you arrive in Warsaw so that we can make some plans for the evening.
  4. Mind the steps when you get off the train, especially while carrying that heavy suitcase.
  5. We were planning to take a taxi, but in the end, we decided to go by car to save some money.
  6. Families with children have priority to board the plane.

W drugim ćwiczeniu, musisz uzupełnić tekst słowami utworzonymi od słów w nawiasach. Oto rozwiązanie:

  1. commute - commuters
  2. cancel - cancellations
  3. reserve - reservation
  4. arrive - arrival
  5. depart - departure

Teraz Twoje zdania powinny brzmieć tak:

When I got to the station, all the platforms were packed with morning commuters. I slowly moved down the stairs and joined the crowd. Someone moved down the line and said that there had been several train cancellations due to a technical issue, I had made a seat reservation for the 7:57 to London Paddington, but I knew that with no arrival happening, there wouldn’t be any departure either.

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